A Beginners’ Guide to the Confusing World of Aesthetics and Room Décor

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

“Oh! I like these neon lights. Oh, but I like this golden lamp too.” “I wish I could have a boho inspired room but I also like vintage and Goth themes”. Puzzled over choosing what you want your room to look like? Don’t worry; we have all been there too many times.

Scrolling through Pinterest for room inspiration, as fun as it is, gets bewildering. It displays a myriad of room design ideas and product set-ups that just look too inviting. Pinterest and other room inspiration outlets make us want everything all at once. With so many different ideas swirling in your mind, compartmentalizing and selecting, what truly speaks to you is a confusing task.

Coming to your room after a stressful day at work, or just a long tiring day in general and feeling refreshed instantly, at the end of the day isn’t that what we all truly want? However, imagine if all you have in your room are three white walls, a wooden bed with mismatched bedding, an out of place study and gloomy lighting. Or, if you were too flustered with ideas and went overboard with color and décor so now you have heavily painted walls accompanied by dark beddings and totally out of place décor.

It is time for a makeover and lucky for you, you are exactly where you should be. The Dream Space Co. is here to make your dream room become a reality. Are you a Boho chick, sucker for a minimalistic vintage vibe or a lover of rock and punk? Don’t fit into any of the pre-defined categories and want it all? Can’t stick to a singular aesthetic? We got you!

Firstly, we want to run you through some basic things everyone needs to keep in mind while decorating their room, irrespective of what kind of result they aim for-

  1. Good lighting- The whole point of having a space that is soulfully yours is so that space makes you the best version of yourself. Most of the job is done if there are good sources of natural lighting in the room. It helps us focus better, improves daily routines and sleep patterns, makes us significantly happier and radiates positivity that is essential for any room space. Moreover, it significantly cuts down of electricity cost and makes any space look bigger and more balanced. If in case, your room location does not provide enough natural light, you can easily add warm white and yellow lights like desk lamps and tube lights will do just the trick.

  2. One painted wall- By this, what we really mean is keep your walls basic and simple. Walls are the canvas for your art, let the base be simple. If you want to jazz your room up a bit and really want a particular painted or textured wall, opt for the wall behind the bed or some other heavy furniture and keep the other walls empty. You can later doll up these empty walls with wall collages, lights, grids and other wall decorations. This maintains great balance in the room.

  3. Plants- Plants truly are magical; they can so easily transform any room or living space with such little effort. Best part, they go with every aesthetic! Potted indoor plants and leaf vines are exceptionally huge right now. And if you are anything like me and cannot maintain actual plants, fake plants or dried flowers are a great replacement, often better than the real ones.

  4. Color scheme- It is very important to narrow down to what colors you want to surround yourself with daily. This makes your room décor hunt not only organized but very convenient too. It provides some much-needed clarity. Try to put together complimentary colors in your scheme to provide a well- balanced contrast. However, remember, once you find your color scheme, you don’t have to stick to it completely. Play around with it and have fun!

Here’s a list of popular pre-designed aesthetics you can draw inspiration from but before we get into that it is important for you to know that these are simply popular prototype aesthetics. There are no rules to any of these, take inspiration from them all, go crazy!

1. Boho

Modern, relaxed and carefree, Bohemian or the Boho aesthetic is lively, colorful, unconventional, and quirky and out of the box kind of an aesthetic. Browns, earthy greens, purples and blues are an essential base of this type, but all color schemes can fit here. Layering through dyed textiles and exotic patterns like tapestries, throws over furniture, multiple carpets on walls and doors used as tabletops form a huge part of this aesthetic. Due to its unconventional nature, many people who aren’t sure about their choices are drawn here.

2. Neon

More popularly known as the TikTok vibe, Neon aesthetic is extremely in right now. LED lights, galaxy projectors and cloud lamps are just some of the things that you might already have or are at the top of your wish list. Wall collages, beautiful mirrors and plain bed spreads go best with the heavy lights. Try to keep the walls plain white for better light reflection and add some plants for depth during the daytime.

3. Vintage

Wished you were born in the 18th / 19th centuries where you could live in an old cottage or mansion in the countryside? Casual yet romantic and charmingly old fashioned, if you resonate with these words too much, vintage style might be your aesthetic. White walls, a delicate looking bed with a metal headboard, flower patterned bedding, rusty wooden furniture, dainty clocks and antiques might draw your attention constantly. Pastel colors, shades of browns and whites, monochromatic flower themed fabrics and furniture sets are key to creating your vintage vibe.

4. Indie

Based on independence and individuality, the Indie aesthetic is all about popping color, photo collages and printed fabrics. Cow print bedding, tapestries on the ceiling and scarfs and record discs on walls are representative of this aesthetic. It is quite the opposite of the Pastel aesthetic, conveying moods through darker and more prominent colors.

5. Grunge

Converse sneakers, leather boots, chokers, dark denim jeans and a band t-shirt; if this is what you see every day when you look into the mirror, the grunge aesthetic is what you call home. A room inspired by the grunge aesthetic is typically messy and full of rock posters. Grid bedsheets and pillow covers a metal grid for dark colored polaroid pictures and records on the walls; along with lots of band posters, are quintessential to creating this vibe.

These are the basic building blocks you will need to find your aesthetic and by extension, find yourself. Don’t worry if you still don’t have clarity on how to go about creating your space, we have another idea for you; a Buzzfeed room aesthetic quiz of course! Design a bedroom to reveal which aesthetic matches your style. https://www.buzzfeed.com/i_amveryweird/design-your-dream-bedroom-and-well-guess-your-ae- cr46da5xas

If you still don’t find your vibe, let’s get in touch. We’d be more than excited to help you redecorate your space.

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