A listicle to the world of Goth

Eleven Ways to Make Your Room Look Goth AF

- Prajay Karkhanis

Brilliant, rich, creepy, off-putting, luxurious, comfortable, perfect.

All of these words could never be used to describe one single thing.

Except, of course, Gothcore.

Here are eleven ways you can create the goth haven of your dreams.

1. Do NOT go all black

So, you decided to enter the great big world of goth, and the first thing you thought of is painting your room’s walls black.

Word to the wise: Don’t. Do. It.

‘But why,’ you ask. ‘Seems obvious enough: you want goth, you go black.’

Well, yes, but no.

Black is a difficult color to work with, and more often than not, the only effect it has is that it makes your room look smaller.

What’s the alternative, then?

Paint them off-white, light grey, or plain white. Additionally, black accents can be used for contrast. This can be done by painting black wall stencils, adding black-and-white wallpapers, or even using large black curtains to block in that oh-so-awful sunlight *hisses furiously*.

2. Experiment with other colors

The general assumption is that everything needs to be black if the room is to be goth. And though all-black definitely isn’t a bad aesthetic, color can be incorporated as well.

Use colors that go well with black (which basically translates to every color ever). Think red, purple, white, stone grey, and even beige.

3. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorize!

So far you have a painted room, black curtains, and the ever-living desire to hiss at people occasionally.

However amazing that sounds, the mere desire to be goth does not a goth make.

This is where accessories come in.


Who hasn’t dreamt of being in an underground cavern with a bunch of shady cloaked figures chanting rhythmically as they stare into the depths of the deep crimson flames of the candle they hold in their hand?

No, just me? Okay.

Nevertheless, candles are the number one accessory I’d recommend to anyone going for the Gothcore aesthetic. Choose candles that are black, silver, red, or cream-colored to maximize Goth potential :)

-Cushion covers and pillows: Yes, cushion covers. No, I’m not joking.

Cushion covers tend to be ignored (mostly because they get thrown on the floor anyway), but the right kind can definitely elevate the overall look of the room. Think skeleton prints and textured pillows.

-Blankets: Heavy blankets in colors like cream, black, beige, and grey tend to work fabulously with the goth vibe.

4. A Little Texture Goes a Long Way

Working the right textures into your room will instantly elevate the vibe.

Go for rich, heavy textures when picking out curtains, bedding, and any decorative items like pillows or tablecloths.

Avoid cotton, and instead, go for silky textures like satin or taffeta. Satin has a very slight shine to it, which creates a great contrast with the muted and dark tones that are usually used with the goth aesthetic.

Lacy curtains with a few artificial holes or rips also work wonderfully well.

5. Oddball Ornaments

The very best-and I mean the very best- thing about going goth is that you can get away with having completely random and off-putting ornaments in your room.

When’s the last time you questioned your goth friend’s skull-shaped rings?


Go as wild as you can. Everything from weird sculptures and feathers to skull-shaped chalices filled with suspicious red liquid is game.

For legal reasons, that last suggestion is a joke.

A great reference for this part would be the skeleton hand from Nocturne Alley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

6. Get Rid of Those White Lights

Now, don’t get me wrong, white light has its place. And that place is outside in the trash, where nobody can see it.

Replace those bright white lightbulbs and tube lights with low-intensity yellow lights. This will give the whole room a much more mystical vibe. Plus, it’s easier on the eyes.

In fact, for those with deeper pockets, chandeliers would also be a great addition.

Regardless of what option you decide to go for, always remember to get rid of those white lights. Please.

7. Add an Ornately Designed Mirror

What goth bedroom would be complete without an oversized mirror making creepy shadows on the walls?

Go for a mirror that looks antique. Large borders and circular designs are the most common.

For a quirkier vibe, hang one that has a glittery gold paint job. Who knows, maybe it’ll tell you you’re the prettiest of them all :)

Mirrors are also great for when you want to polish your fangs.

8. Never Forget the Value of a Nice, Clean Leather Armchair

While it may not be practical for smaller rooms, black leather armchairs do an exceedingly wonderful job of filling up empty space. This would be a great addition for rooms that have a lot of extra room.

A buttoned armchair would be an excellent choice.

Velvet or satin cushions will complete the look.

Plus, you can wear your long cape and sit there will your skull-themed chalice full of suspicious red liquid.

9. Wall Décor and Dried Flowers:

Dark-colored and dramatic wall artworks best. Dried flowers and candles against dark walls will create a very interesting contrast.

Adding framed pictures and frightening posters could also create an eerie atmosphere.

10. Opt for Darker Furniture

Add some dark and heavy wooden furniture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be black, but lighter-colored furniture may not work with the vibe.

The heavier the furniture is, the better it will look. Not only in terms of weight but also design.

Intricate wooden furniture that is made of dark-colored wood is what you should be aiming for.

11. Let Your Inner Self Shine Through

Aesthetics are highly subjective; looks that other people love may not be the best for you.

It is essential that you create an environment that makes you feel great. And always remember, while there is no such thing as too much goth, there is such a thing as personal preference. Feel free to follow a few of these tips and discard the rest.

Do what you want and create the goth bedroom of your dreams!

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