Leo - The sign that's known to shop till they drop!

Leo- July 22 to August 22

We are halfway around the sun and to make the rest of your 2021 worth the while, our zodiac series for this month will talk about the extravagant fire sign Leo.

Represented by the Lion King, Leos are Dramatic , Fierce, Loyal, Unapologetic and full of Glamour.

With the sun as their ruling planet, they are naturally drawn to colours of the sunrise and sunset-shades of red, orange and bright yellow.

Vibrant and bold colours like blue, purple and black are also their favourite picks.

Regal as they are in their taste , they have a strong inclination towards antique furniture and vintage items. Tribal looking pieces or animal motifs , carved statues or unique decorative pieces , a leo loves them all.

Their home is their castle and they like it loud. Flamboyance is inherited afterall.

Their confidence , comfort in being the centre of attention and love for self grooming makes them invest in mirrors- full length and circular.

Just like plants Leos too draws their life force from the luminous celestial body-the sun. Plants like marigold , sunflower or lemons and oranges add to the vitality of their homes.

So, if you are a Leo yourself or have one in your vicinity, this is your time , celebrate and make the most of it with the Dream Space Company.

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