The Decision that Scared the Sh*t Out of Me

Looking back, that’s exactly why it was the right decision because it was the one that scared the sh*t out of me.

-Jacqueline Carlyle

It’s true, starting this company scared me but that’s why it pushed me. A 19-year-old who had no background in entrepreneurship, business, or finance deciding to start a company from scratch, that’s something you don’t see or hear very often, and if you ever did before you'd have probably scoffed at the thought itself. But it’s happening now.

Young people are defying all odds and boundaries of graduating with degrees that are unrelated to what they started off thinking. I started this company with an issue at hand, I found it terribly difficult to find any kind of room decor that fit my aesthetic and personality. Simultaneously an amazing opportunity opened up at the university I attend. A program to which students with any business ideas could apply and start off their journeys in the entrepreneurial world.

For years I had looked up Dormify’s website and hoped something like that would open up in India but when I started college and still couldn’t find what I’d potentially want for my dorm room, I decided to take matters into my own hands and applied for this program in hope of it helping me immensely.

The program helped me in not more than finding the best team to start with. We found each other with the same love and passion for the idea and began communicating. We started off as a team of 7, 5 girls, and 2 boys and now, 4 months later are down 3 of those members, found another passionate member, and are now an all-women-led company.

We started off in October, planned, strategized, branched out, and communicated with possible suppliers. As a team we had individual responsibilities, mine being that of creating a website that fit what we wanted to tell our customers. Numerous all-nighters, failed attempts, dead ends, and long zoom calls led to us finally launching our website on December 1st.

Working as a team, I discovered is tough, especially as teenagers with most people focusing on enjoying and going out with their friends. But we made it through and all our fears of this concept backfiring and failing have proven to be wrong. We received an amazing response, worked even harder, explored new techniques, products, marketing strategies and promise to deliver no matter what.

The Dream Space Co. started off as something to fulfill a want and now has become like a part of me and all of us. Every second of the day I spend thinking about new ways to do things, new ideas, and new products. This company means everything to me and this wouldn’t be possible without this amazing team and all those who support us and encourage us to keep going forward.

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