The Feel-Good Way of Doing Your Home and Living Your Life

Hygge (pronounced: hoo-guh) is a Danish and Norweigan word that means “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Hygge is basically when you’re cozy and feel good about it. It’s a feel-good word!

Although hygge may seem like a relatively new concept to us, it actually has been a part of the lives of the Danish for many years. In fact, it is widely believed that Denmark ranks on top of the World Happiness Report because of this concept.

Now, there are two ways to implement hygge, one in your home and the other in your life. I believe that both go hand-in-hand and are interdependent. You obviously cannot hygge your life without having to hygge your home, and you cannot hygge your home without doing so to your life.

How to Hygge your life:

  • Spend Quality time with friends and family. Anything that you count as quality time spent together counts. Be it a movie-bingeing night, a coffee date, or even a picnic.

  • Avoid multi-tasking. Hygge=savoring life and if you’re multitasking it sucks the savoring out of your life.

  • Be stress-free or remove stressors. Anything that stresses you out while you’re savoring life, remove it, or avoid paying attention to it.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, both physically and mentally comforting. If you feel more comfortable wearing oversized hoodies and sweatpants, so be it.

  • Hot drinks!! Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, lattes, soup, etc. the list can go on forever. But the hygge life is BIG on hot drinks.

  • Hiking in nature or just going out into nature!

  • Curl up with a good book, a warm fire, and comfy socks. The ideal hygge picture.

How to Hygge your home/room:

  • Go for neutral colors and tones. Stick with calming neutrals like browns, creams, and grays.

  • Bring the outside, inside. Potted plants, succulents, and flowers can be brought into your indoor spaces, they do give a comforting feel.

  • Fairy lights and how do I emphasize more on fairy lights. Nothing feels cozier than curling up with a book under fairy lights.

  • CANDLES. CANDLES. CANDLES. CANDLES. And wait, more candles!! Dim your lights and light up those scented little babies and drift away into hygge-land. Literally the ideal image of cozy and comfortable.

  • Throws! Throws don’t only add a sophisticated touch to your room, but also add a cozy vibe to it. Personally, show me a room with a throw and I will start hoping I could cover myself in that throw and just enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

  • An adorable mug. As much as the hygge-life encourages many hot drinks, people with style also sip those from an adorable mug, or better yet, some even have a collection.

  • Lastly, remember less is more, and don’t over-decorate. Go crazy with the candles but not with the decor.

How The Dream Space Co. can help you Hygge up your life:

  • Candles. We have a huge range of candles, from refreshing mint, to floral and even to making your room smell like a bakery. We've got it all.

  • Fairy lights. Plain fairy light, star shapes fair lights, fairy light photo clips, you name it and we've got it!

  • Mugs. You can customize your mugs and sip on your bottomless coffee or hot chocolate.

  • Wall decor. Customize or choose from a number of wall decor options and even some leaf vines!

  • Tapestries. If you need a neutral shaded tapestry, check out our website and get yours now!

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