The Importance of Room Décor on Mental Well Being

We all have goals that we are working towards- be it meeting deadlines, completing exhaustive workout routines, or something more personal to your self-development. The focus, drive, and discipline it takes to stick to one’s schedule and follow through with your assigned tasks can feel monumental, and not giving into procrastination is admirable. With so much negativity and online fatigue, the pandemic has brought in, feeling good and staying on top of commitments has become especially hard today. Our lifestyle and subsequently our mood seems to be wildly out of our grasp. One of the primary influences on mood, however, is something that you CAN control- your surroundings.

While we’re all missing the outdoors and our favorite haunts, the space that we are constantly living in needs to be a conducive environment for us to be at our productive (and relaxed) best.

With yet another lockdown ensuing, our living environments double as our workspaces and triple as our relaxation spots. Being happy with the space you inhabit is an obvious necessity to uplifting your mood. Decorative items can vastly impact your state of mind through the colors you choose, the accessories you put up, the lighting in your room, the scent and the fabrics used, the list goes on. The way you utilize various elements in a living environment can accordingly change the vibe your room gives out.

Room décor takes into consideration the small details that can enhance a room, without the necessity of a complete renovation which may not be feasible. The ease of access with which accessories can be ordered affordably online makes giving your room a personal touch simpler. Accessorizing your room could be as effortless as pinning photographic collages or a statement mirror to your wall; customizing a neon signboard to change up the lighting, or even lighting scented candles to subtly add to the mood of the room.

Redecorating your room should not only give your room a new look and feel, but also help you be inspired by it, and make it easy to relax. Research states that your environment tends to match your mood and personality; your space reflects who you are as a person. The different aspects of your room represent parts of you and can be changed to match your goals and who you aspire to be in the future.

Let’s take a look at the main characteristics that can help your journey through any improvements you might want to make to your room décor. At The Dreamspace Company, we offer room décor for every personality and aesthetic- items that can be customized to make your room as representative of you as possible. Collages, lighting, furniture..., all things décor that can brighten up your room and contribute to making your room more put together, motivational, and most importantly, your safe space.


Colors can make or break a mood. Bright and harmonious colors like yellow and gold hold the power to cheer up not only the room but also your smile. A lighter, more neutral palette can help enhance the feeling of relaxation, serenity, and calmness. A clash of colors can create a tense and anxious feeling. Accent walls are usually very eye-catching and are considered bold and daring. A black accent asserts dominance, while a deep red can give your room an elegant flair.

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Large windows with natural lighting that brighten the room have been known to increase productivity and enhance motivation. The pattern of the curtains can be played around with to either fit in seamlessly with the rest of the room or be the central attraction itself. On the other hand, lesser sunlight could be compensated with warm-toned lamps for an earthy feel, decorative fairy lights for aesthetic purposes or neon LED lights wherein the color can be customized to the occasion.

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Just like a bold accent wall, even minimal accessories can change up the whole look of a room. However, an additional advantage with these décor items is the realistic use of them. They are not just for the aforementioned aesthetic purposes but they also have functional value. Pillows and rugs, furniture and lighting, are utility as well as decoration items. Anything from wall décor to cute nightstands, desk accessories to matching bedding sets, add life and taste to your room. Ensuring a similar color scheme throughout and picking patterns that match your taste help your room reflect your personality well.

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Old photographs with family and friends? Your childhood teddy bear that you may or may not still cuddle to sleep with? A trinket from a memorable trip? Use them as decorative items to make your space feel like home. The comfort of seeing your memories in real-time is always enormous. Making use of your personal items ensures that space remains yours, not another version of a stock photo! Frame the photographs and hang them on your walls, or choose to fill them with posters of your favorite band instead. Organize your desk to showcase your collection of books or place potted plants of your choice. The options are endless, and they are yours to play with.

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Sensory perception

Home décor goes beyond just the visual aesthetics; catering to the rest of your senses is equally important to enhance the mood you are trying to create. Scents have been proven to improve self-efficacy, efficient work, and goal setting. Specific relaxing scents also make it easier to relax, release your tensions, and fall asleep. Lighting a scented candle or keeping a lavender-scented sachet with your sheets can go a long way. Fabrics can also play a role in setting up your room décor; a soft carpet that makes your room feel cozy, or a myriad of pillows scattered across the seating in direct contrast to the edges of your desk.

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Decorating your room is like creating the background to your life, it influences everything from self-perception to confidence and productivity. You are creating an environment in which you can be the best version of yourself. If you think a moon lamp or a polaroid set of your favorite photos will make you happy, click on the link of your favorite product and get it now!

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