What a Gemini Should Keep in Mind When Doing Their Room

Adaptable but inconsistent. Affectionate but nervous. Quick-witted but love being confined. Dual personalities but super genial. Quite a combination? Isn’t it?

Yes, we are talking about the butterflies of the zodiac, Geminis.

Third, in the list of sun signs, Gemini is the Air sign and widely known to have a dual-natured personality.

Well, if you have a Gemini in your life, you never really know what side of their persona you are dealing with. They are a hard puzzle to crack.

Intrigued by a different approach to things, they love patterns and designs that are not uniform. Therefore, they’ll prefer fusions of ideas to fixed themes. Mixing contemporary colors with traditional designs will be their go-to aesthetic.

Since they are adaptable, they are open to changes in their house and decor as new trends may set in.

Sociable as they are, they’ll always enjoy a nice sitting area in their house perfect for conversations over coffee.

Their curious self will want them to create space for books and magazines in their rooms. They are blessed communicators; they love talking and meeting different kinds of people. When alone, they enjoy social media and make the most of the internet world. Their house is likely to have a huge space for TV sets and radios.

As Air signs, they are always looking for rooms with huge windows to provide them with the best kind of ventilation. Airy and spacious rooms bring their chaotic minds to rest.

Double energy from their dual personalities draws them to bright and energetic colors. Lemon and green soothe them, although they’ll never enjoy these vibrant shades on their walls, they’d prefer picking them as accent colors for their interiors. Pastels are a necessity in a Gemini’s shade card.

If you are a Gemini, it is your season, check out our amazing collection and pick your favorites. Celebrate yourself.

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