What is Softcore Aesthetic?

With the new era of social media, there are various aesthetics coming up.

aesthetics like academia, indie, vintage, etc. are surfing social media big time today. A fairly newer aesthetic among them is the Softcore aesthetic.

Softcore is described as a cute culture influenced by the Japanese. It originated in 2020 and is also known as fluff core or kawaii aesthetic. As the name suggests, the softcore aesthetic includes the softer, cuter shades of the color palette, like shades of pink, light purples, whites, pastel, and the like. Close your eyes and imagine unicorns, rainbows, huge pink clouds, cotton candy, and marshmallows. That is the exact representation of this aesthetic.

Soft girls generally have a cute, feminine look as they don pastel purples, sweet pink blush, glossy lips, and fuzzy and pink hair clips. They are generally said to have shy, tender, and sensitive personalities. A soft boy is someone who is into the softer side of music, art, and photography. They are said to be sensitive and open and expressive about their emotions.

They generally layer a sweatshirt on a pastel polo shirt or a white shirt. They also like to wear cardigans and flannels.

Cuddly blankets, cloudy cushion covers and pillows, candy/ vanilla scented candles, and fuzzy objects are a must-have for anyone who wishes for a sweet, subtle and cutesy atmosphere to live in.

Think cream walls, pink wall art, floral bedding, fluffy blankets, fuzzy pillows, sheer curtains, and lots of flowers. If this is what your dream room looks like, the softcore aesthetic is your go-to!

Softcore branches out to similar aesthetics like Kawaii, Fairycore, or Angel core. Kawaii is a Japanese Pop- culture that is cute and childish. Fairycore revolves around nature, including yellow, white, and green pastels and flowers. Angel core, as the name suggests, consists of depictions of angels, clouds, and wings.

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