2021 Planner


    Apart from the fun look and feel to our planner, here's a quick glimpse of how it also is different:


    - Original artwork : Done by our supplier, depicting the confident, fashionable & modern, independent woman - influencing young minds in the right direction.

    - Time blocking : this addition encourages the user to be better focused with a time frame for better productivity. 

    - Gratitude journal : making sure we don't forget to appreciate who matter in our journey. 

    - Tear away gratitude tags : taking it one step further, theres an opportunity to physically thank & make our own know what they mean to us.

    - Fun feature : To-watch-list & to-read-list ! This, so we dont miss out on our relaxation being too organised in the rat race.

    - Reflection page : Here, we encourage the user to reflect & review the effectiveness of the events gone by. The aim is to bring about higher efficiency 

    - Daily & monthly highlights : To track your progress better.

    - Habit tracker : To keep a check on our habits & reflect better.

    - Self-care : A section dedicated to the most important thing we should focus on! 


    • All these along with the yearly needs for a regular planner.
    • What's more? 20% of this product sold will be shared with children with special needs.
    • This planner is set in a spiral bound,  hard cover with 151 pages- 100 GSM 
    • size-A5