Vibrant and vivid colors are always considered to be ideal for anything. But ever observed the beauty and simplicity of dark and dull colors? Our Peacock mandala tapestry is the one you should look at. The harmony between dark colors embedded in a mandala design is nothing less than a masterpiece!                              Its simplicity yet uniqueness is something anyone would want to experience in their day to day lives.                                                               And this tapestry is a perfect product to give you an intense feeling of beauty and life!

Peacock Mandala Tapestry

    • Handmade
    • Materials: 100% Cotton, Ink and Thread
    • Height- 85 inches (Twin Size)
    • Width- 55 inches (Twin Size)
    • Height- 86 inches (Queen Size)
    • Width- 86 inches (Queen Size)
    • Hand washable 
  • Rajwada Prints