Decorating the house for a festival is almost everyone’s favorite task. We decorate the entrances and decorate our furniture, beds, and whatnot. But what about having a tapestry to decorate your wall. Talisman mandala tapestry holds such a festive look that it would fit in any place in your house. It's dark colors enable it to be used in everyday life as well.                                                                       A dash of bright yellowish-orange makes it eye-catching. The saturation of the colors is so intense that it complements the intricate design of the mandala too

Talisman Mandala Tapestry


    • Handmade
    • Materials: 100% Cotton, Ink and Thread
    • Height- 85 inches (Twin Size)
    • Width- 55 inches (Twin Size)
    • Height- 86 inches (Queen Size)
    • Width- 86 inches (Queen Size)
    • Hand washable 
  • Rajwada Prints